Friday, May 13, 2011

Rotated View and Rotated Printing Functionality in GTViewer

The latest update to GTViewer (verison has a significant new feature: you can now rotate the view to any orientation. This new functionality has been added to meet the requests of several customers who wanted support for 1) rotated prints and 2) Orienting the map to the heading of the GPS. Two screencast videos are listed below to demonstrate this new functionality in action:

Rotated View and Rotated Printing

GPS Orienting to Heading:

Rotated Views and Rotated Printing do come with a higher demand for memory and processing power, and this functionality may not run on older machines with minimal resources. There are also some features disabled when the view is rotated, like drawing redlines and extract file creation; however, these features may support rotated views at a later date. Also, if you do not rotate the view, GTViewer works as it always has.

To prevent widespread panic, the View Rotation functionality is disabled by default. To enable it, you simply need to add the following line:


to the [Additional Properties] section of the .GTM file or to an AddProp.ini file if using a .GTX file.

With version, you can also press the key combination Ctrl-Alt-R and enable or disable the View Rotation. However, this command does not permanently enable the view rotation for the dataset as the AllowViewRotation entry does.

The view rotation controls are simple:
  • Alt-Left - rotates the view to the left by 5 degrees
  • Alt-Right - rotates the view to the right by 5 degrees

  • Shift-Alt-Left - rotates the view to the left by 1 degree
  • Shift-Alt-Right - rotates the view to the right by 1 degree

  • Shift-Up or Esc - exit the rotated view mode
When the view is rotated, an indicator appears at the top right corner of the view and points to the normal top of the map. The amount of rotation is also specified on the status bar along with the XY coordinates and Zoom level.

Rotated View

Normal View

The rotated view and rotated printing capabilities have also been added to the latest version of GTVx (version

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