Friday, November 11, 2011

On 11/11/11, GTViewer Version 11 is Released!

What’s New in GTViewer 11

There are many new features in GTViewer 11. Some of these features, like View Rotation, have been available in GTViewer 10 updates, but there are a variety of new features that haven’t been seen before. The list below shows the major new features:

Rotated View Capabilities - This new functionality has been added to meet the requests of several customers who wanted support for rotated prints and orienting the map to the GPS heading.

Rotate View
  • Ctrl-Alt-R - enable or disable View Rotation
  • Alt-Left Arrow - Rotate Left
  • Alt-Right Arrow - Rotate Right
  • Alt-Up Arrow or Esc- Resets View Rotation
  • Alt-Down Arrow - Rotate View to 180 degrees
  • See it in Action.
Rotate Prints
  • With the Standard Print Command
  • With the Print to Scale Command
  • New Indicator Mode: Orient to Heading
  • See it in Action.

Dynamic Graphics Upgrades –The Dynamic Graphics functionality provides a powerful visualization tool for analyzing data, creating more informative or alternate views of data, and giving the user the ability to explore various decision making aspects of the data. A year after being introduced, the Dynamic Graphics has been enhanced using customer feedback to make it even more powerful:
  • Feature Tooltips will now support Dynamic Highlights and Labels.
  • Dynamic Graphics can now use Embedded Data in the Criteria and Label Expressions.
  • Shape, Circle, and Ellipse elements can now use their geometric area in Criteria and Label Expressions (with DG.GTI_AREA).
  • Any closed shaped can now be used with Polygon Labels as well as shapes, circles, and ellipses.
  • Point Labels now support a Keep Rotation option so alternate symbols can be created with the original feature’s rotation.
  • Dynamic Labels now support a Remove Partial option to hide labels that are partially out of the view.
  • Action items can now be interactively reordered to control the order they are drawn.
  • Highlight and Simple Highlight now support a Fill Option to fill or not fill shapes, ellipses, and circles. This option allows fillable elements to be filled or not filled as part of their highlighting regardless of the original element’s fill status.
  • Two versions of the Dynamic Graphics interface are now available: Administrator Mode and User Mode. Administrator mode is the original interface introduced in GTViewer 10; User Mode is a scaled down interface that allows the user to toggle the display of Actions and change the Action drawing order, but it prevents modifying, importing, and exporting Action items.
  • Administrator Mode now has a collapsible dialog (making it optionally smaller like User Mode).
  • Pretty() function added to Expressions to Clean up strings (Capitalize first letter, change underscores and dashes to spaces).
Attribute Info
  • The Element Tab now shows Dynamic Graphics information for selected features including all Actions that affect the feature.
  • The Element Tab now shows Feature Tooltip information for selected feature.
Style Manager
  • Changes made with the Style Manger are now stored in the session.
Coordinate Systems
  • Additional Coordinate System support has been added to greatly increase the number of coordinate systems available to the GPS, Coordinate Readout, and Locate by Latitude and Longitude functionality.
  • Multi-Category support has been added for basic Query Types. A single query can now span features across multiple categories.
  • The GTViewer Font Format (.dfn) now supports Shape with Hole elements as a primitive font stroke. These new elements can provide better looking symbols in many circumstances.

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Larry Cosgrove said...

The entire Version 11 suite of GTI products are excellent! A job well-done of support and product enhancements!