Tuesday, June 26, 2012

GTVx version is Available

Version of GTVx is available.

----------------------- - 06/25/12

- FIX - #6991 - Dynamic Graphics would use previous attribute values for features that did not have the value set or not record defined.

- NEW - #7001 - The GetSessionFile method was added.

- FIX - #7005 - Link definitions were not restricting matches to the data id, so if two data sets had the same table and attribute, both would match.

- NEW - #7012 - Shapefile export will now take groups elements containing only lines and/or linestring elements and convert them to a single polyline element.

- FIX - #7014 - Shapefile Export will now ignore group elements with no sub-elements.

- NEW - #7017 - The Display Preset Dialog was updated to match GTViewer's where it shows the active preset and has a Default button.

- NEW - #7024 - If a GTField Feature is reviewed with Attribute Info mode, the GTField Item name will be used to describe it instead of just GTField.

- NEW - #7032 - CustomAttributeInfoTabMode entry has been added to Additional Properties section of the .GTM file to show only Custom Attribute Tabs in the Attribute Info Dialog when Custom Tabs are available.

- NEW - #7037 - GetCategoryListFromFeatureString method added.

- NEW - #7050 - Support for ~GTSpot~ embedded data records.

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