Friday, June 13, 2014

Riding Across America with GTSpot

Riding Across America with GTSpot
by Mike Rogers

When Dave Ryder told me he was going to ride his bike across America I said, “Hey, we have an app for that!” We loaded up his iPhone with our GTSpot crowd sourcing application.  The application allows him to post photo reports along his route so that we can see where he is and what he is looking at.  The GTSpot reports capture his location, a photo, a category and any notes he adds.  We designed GTSpot to allow employees and customers to provide reports of conditions in the field.  It is turning out to be very useful to Dave for the same reasons it is good for a utility.  The report is emailed directly to the responsible party for action.  In this case we show the photos on Google Maps as a pin, but they can also be used with GTViewer, GTWeb, or any other app you want.   Dave does not have to manage the upload of the photos at the end of the day, and the photo and report are immediately available for the folks that are tracking him. It is so easy that Dave is taking all his photos with the application, and he is taking about 20 a day.  If you would like to follow Dave’s blog you can check it out at here.   There is a link to the map on his blog.

Let us know if you would like to know how you can use GTSpot to empower your employees and customers at your utility.  GTSpot works on iOS (iPhone/iPad) and Android (phones/tablets). We can brand the app for your company and help you utilize the data it collects.

Day 12 of 52 with 2900 miles to go:

Here are some more photos from the ride:

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