Tuesday, April 04, 2017

New Versions of GTViewer for iOS/Android are Available

Major updates for both GTViewer for iOS and GTViewer for Android are available today.

GTViewer for iOS version 3.0.55

  • NEW - Added support for Hidden Queries (for Custom URLs)
  • NEW - Added support for Highlight Transparency in GTM (sets degree of transparency)
  • NEW - Added support for Query Highlight Modes (persistent, non-persistent, box, persistent box)
  • NEW - Support for User and Project tokens in Data Collection and Redline project names in GTM file
  • NEW - Added Clear buttons (X) to the Query prompts
  • FIX - Changed Locate X/Y to use Real World coordinates (was incorrectly using system coordinates)
  • NEW - Session Graphics “Get Updates” now only downloads updates (was incorrectly getting all of them)
  • FIX - Made it easier to select session graphics with tap
  • NEW - Select text session graphics by tapping on them (was by fence only)
  • FIX - New session graphics items from server with delete flags weren't getting deleted correctly
  • FIX - Wasn't handling errors codes/message correctly from Data Collection server
  • NEW - New Data Collection tokens for forms: GTI_TAP_X/Y/LAT/LON
  • NEW - TrueType font support (symbols and text)
  • NEW - Symbol Mask support directly in Style Definitions (instead of layered symbols in UDLS definitions)
  • NEW - Support for non-US Date/Time formats (for Project list)
  • CHG - Changed “Update Favorites” to “Restore Favorites”
  • FIX - Fixed line weight rendering problems (end cap problem)
  • NEW - Support for emailing a map image
  • NEW - Support for saving a map image to photo album
  • FIX - Coordinates issues in Data Collection records
  • FIX – With Browse Records, selecting "No records found." would cause problems
  • FIX - UI fixes with Browse Records view for iPhones
  • CHG - Changed the way the Logfiles work
  • NEW – Fixes to Style Name Map functionality
  • FIX – Fixes for highlighting when selecting features
  • NEW - Undo last measure point added to Measuring Tool
  • FIX - Added photo library permissions for saving a map image
  • FIX - Fixed a problem when clicking on No Saved Results
  • FIX - Added a warning popup for when the app is unable to email a map image

GTViewer for Android version 3.0.10

This update brings the Android version functionality up to date with the iOS version.  Instead of listing all of the individual items (there are many), just the major items are listed.  The previous Android version on Google Play was significantly behind the iOS version.

  • NEW - Data Collection support
  • NEW - Session Graphics
  • NEW - Raster support
  • NEW - Measuring Tool
  • NEW - View History
  • NEW - Web App support
  • NEW - Log File
GTViewer Data Server version

  • NEW - provides consolidated GTShare support for both data collection and redlines without requiring SQL Server.
  • NEW - support for encrypted records for Data Collection.
  • NEW - SQL Server tracking mode added (to match GTWeb)
  • NEW - Support for Project properties (defined on the server)
  • NEW - Support for locales other than en-US

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