Friday, January 06, 2017

Oracle Spatial Loader version is available

Orcl_Loader version 

The Oracle Spatial Loader will create GTViewer data from an Oracle Spatial Database.  Any table containing an SDO_GEOMETRY attribute can be exported as graphics.  Tabular data can be exported as well.

While not as powerful as the GTech Loader (which loads G/Technology data from an Oracle Spatial Database), the Oracle Spatial Loader is very capable and can easily create GTViewer data (graphics and tabular) with minimal effort.  It does not require metadata to export the data, but you must also define all styles and symbology.

----------- - 1/6/17

- FIX - #7719 - If no jobs were selected, the Conversion button would stay disabled after attempting to perform a conversion.

- NEW - #7720 - Save Conversion mode in Project File.

- FIX - #7805 - Adjustments to Layout so forms would work with High DPI monitors.

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