Tuesday, October 20, 2020

GTWeb version and GTWeb Clients version 3 are Available


GTWeb Server version is available.  This version of GTWeb Server supports Map Services for background imagery and locate queries (with a subscription from Google, Bing, or Here).  Project Groups and PROJ4 coordinate projection specifications are supported (so it will use the same specifications as GTViewer).  There were many simplifications to the required setup to make it easier to configure and use as well.

The GTWeb Clients (Browser, iOS, and Android)  have all been updated.  The Version 3.0 clients support all of the new features in the new GTWeb Server plus various other fixes and enhancements and synchronizations. The updated iOS and Android clients are available on the App Store and Google Play.  The updated Browser client is part of the new GTWeb Server.

The new clients will work with an older server, and older clients will work with a newer server.  But the new functionality will only be available when you have a new client and a new server.

----------------------- - 10/08/20

- FIX - Server - #8172 – The Coordinate Projection token "ProjectionParameters" wasn't being recognized (only "Custom")

- FIX - GTWeb Browser - #8173 - The Query button on the map toolbar would not dismiss the preset list (if active).

- FIX - GTWeb Browser - #8174 - Fixes to favicon.ico for dark mode browsers.

----------------------- - 9/16/20

- FIX - #8162 - The JpgCompression web.config App Setting was not spelled correctly.

- FIX - #8162 - The Here.Com Raster cache was not correctly flushing files when a session ended.

- NEW - #8163 - Two new App Settings in the web.config have been added: HereComMaxRequestsBeforePurge  and HereComSessionCacheSize.

- CHG - #8163 - The default Session Timeout in the web.config changed to 5 minutes (from 20).

----------------------- - 7/27/20

- CHG - #8156 - The default WAI_Mode has changed from 0 to 1.  It can still be set to 0 in the GTWebService.gtm file.

- FIX - #8158 - Modification to the Server so that older clients will still be able to connect and not show functionality that they won't support (Map Service Imagery and Address Query).

- NEW - #8157 - Help and Privacy Policy links added to Login Page.  Privacy Policy link also added to the Map's Info display.

----------------------- - 6/16/20

- NEW - #8111 - The BackgroundColor property was added to the GetProjectProperty call.

- NEW - #8112 - All properties defined in GTWeb Server Manager section of the GTWebService.gtm are now accessible via the GetServerProperty API call.

- CHG - #8113 - The Temporary .BMP files in the cache directory are now deleted immediately.

- NEW - #8114 - Support for Here.Com, Bing Maps, and Google Maps as raster backdrops.

- NEW - #8115 - Support for HLPNT option to draw marker points with Raster Creation options. It is used to show location for Map Service Locates.

- CHG - #8116 - Coordinate Projection system changed to use a different library (using PROJ4) and also to use entries in GTM file used by GTViewer.  Franson entries are no longer supported.

- CHG - #8117 - Logfile Directory will search for a logfiles directory in the base path if not specified. CacheDir will search for a cache directory in the base path if not specified. This means less specific info in the GTWebService.gtm.

- FIX - #8118 - The GetServerProperty "DefaultZoomLevel" was always returning 0.

- NEW - #8124 - An additional Description entry (Description2) added to Project definition sections in the GTWebService.gtm. Original description entry can also be specified as Description1 (as well as Description).

- NEW - #8125 - A new Recycle Log File API call will now return the name of the old logfile. The RecycleLogfile.aspx will now show the closed logfile using this update.

- NEW - #8126 - ResetServer.aspx, RecycleLogfile.aspx, GetServerVersion.aspx were upgraded.

- CHG - #8127 - The ProjectId property in the Project sections of the GTWebService.gtm is no longer used.  It was not used by GTWeb Service anyway (since .GTW files were deprecated).

- FIX - Browser Client  - #8119 - Fix to confirmation message when canceling Favorite edit.

- NEW - Browser Client  - #8120 - Support for Raster Types if a Map Service is supported.

- NEW - Browser Client  - #8121 - Support for Map Service Address Query.

- NEW - Browser Client  - #8122 - Updates to Attribute and  Menu styles.

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