Friday, December 04, 2020

GTWeb Server version is Available


GTWeb Server version is available.  

The biggest new feature is support for a Default Project.

GTWeb for Android (ver 3.0.7) now supports "Locate X/Y" and "Locate Latitude/Longitude".  GTWeb for iOS will support it later.

----------------------- - 12/03/20

- NEW - #8181 – The Admin/GetProjectStatus.aspx page has been added to give an overview of all projects.

- FIX - #8182 – map.aspx and queryresults.aspx were giving extra character after the end token.

- FIX - #8183 – If map.aspx is given an invalid category or offset value for Mode 3, it will now give an error message instead of crashing.

- NEW - #8184 – Support for a default Project if the specified project in a Custom URL is not defined.

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