Tuesday, March 02, 2021

GTWeb Server version is Available


GTWeb Server version is available.  

There were several new features added to this version, mostly minor additions to security features and consolidation of the Admin pages.

GTWeb Clients for iOS and Android are also available (both versions are 3.0.9).

Full documentation update (all 72 pages).   Includes setup example for Windows Server 2019 and IIS 10.   New diagnostic tests (using new Admin pages), and clean up of older examples that no longer apply.

----------------------- - 02/26/21

- CHG - #8193 - Internalization of all server pages.  User customizations are no longer allowed.

- CHG - #8194 - All Server pages (even non-sensitive ones) will return encrypted responses if the encryption mode is used.

- NEW - #8195 - SecureOnly property added to web.config.  If either this entry or the SecureOnly property in GTWebService.gtm is set to 1, the secure only mode will be used.

- CHG - #8196 - If the SecureOnly option is used, all non-https request are rejected at the page level.

- CHG - #8197 - ResetServer.aspx page now includes a Reset Logfile command and the RecycleLogfile.aspx page has been removed.

- CHG - #8195 - GetProjectInfo.aspx removed (replaced by the more informative GetProjectStatus.aspx).

- CHG - #8198 - GetMemLog.aspx added Web Site Version (in addition to Server DLL version) and now defaults to a formatted HTML mode (raw mode optional).  Additional information added and some of the existing messages made clearer.

- CHG - #8202 - The CacheCleanInterval parameter will now default to 600 instead of 0.

- FIX - #8203 - The word "Parameter" was misspelled in the logfile.

- NEW - #8204 - The AllowAdminPages AppSetting added to web.config file to specify which Admin pages can be used.

- NEW - #8205 - GTWeb Browser (3.0.10) - Support for all of the non-sensitive server responses being encrypted.

- NEW - #8206 - Documentation Updates (GTWebServer.doc).

----------------------- - 12/28/20

- FIX - #8185 - The BackgroundColor Project Property was not correctly being set, so the Map Service image replacement did not work when the background was not white.

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