Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Updates for GTShareViewer and GTVDSAdmin

 Both the GTShareViewer and GTVDSAdmin tools have updates to fix an issue with importing .CSV files.  If you import .CSV files with either one, you should get these updates. 

GTShareViewer was only able to delete Redline Data records and not Data Collection records (broken with the Session Graphics Data Collection was added). This issue was also fixed.

These updates will be delivered with the next GTViewer Data Server, but you can contact support to get them now.


----------- - 03/9/22

- FIX - #8274 - The Import CSV was not working if the fields didn't match the column count in the .csv or the ending value was a blank.  This problem is similar to #8272.

----------- - 03/4/22

- FIX - #8273 - The Delete Record was not working for both Redlines and Data Collection records.


----------- - 3/8/22

- FIX - #8272 - If a transaction record in the .DTA file ended with a blank value or fewer values than columns, some operations like Delete would fail since the .CSV wouldn't be loaded incorrectly.

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