Monday, April 18, 2022

GTWeb Server version is Available

 Several Minor Upgrades to GTWeb:

  • The Version 12 Browser Client had a few UI tweaks to make it look better and to make the information more readable
  • The Version 11 Browser Client has been modified to work with a Version 12 server (minus the new Version 12 functionality).  If a user prefers the look of the previous Browser Client, you can now use gtweb11.htm instead of gtweb.htm.  Both Browser Client can be run at the same time.

  • The Logging and Exception Handling for SMTP mail (sent when a Note is added or edited) has been upgraded.

----------------------- - 04/15/22

- NEW - #8280 - Browser Client - Updated Logos/Colors.

- FIX - #8281 - Browser Client - Some of the text in the Attribute Info and Query Results was too thin making it difficult to read.  The weight has been increased.

- CHG - #8282 - Browser Client - A black border has been added to Attribute Info so it looks better on top of the Map and when the browser window is narrow enough to overlap the left-hand side of the display.

- FIX - #8283 - Better exception handling and logging for Email tasks (new Notes).

- FIX - #8284 - Updates to SMTPClient email calls to use current methods.

- NEW - #8285 - The Version 11 Browser Client has been modified to work with the Version 12 Server and is now delivered as gtweb11.htm. It does not support any of the new features of the Version 12 Client, but it will work with a Version 12 server.

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