Monday, March 28, 2005

Emphasize Session Graphics Mode

All of the GTViewer family of products support a unique command that many users may not be aware of. The Emphasize Session Graphics mode is found under the View menu and is the toolbar button with the red/green/blue stripes fading to gray:

This simple command is a little mislabeled, but it can significantly impact the way you view your data in certain situations. The job it does is very simple; it grays out all graphics except Session Graphics (Redlines) and Highlighted Elements. Highlight Elements are produced by the following:

  • Locate Queries
  • Thematic Queries
  • Feature Counting
  • Custom Applications

The reason I say Emphasize Session Graphics is mislabeled is because it does more than just emphasize redlines; it also emphasizes highlighted elements.

So, what does this mode do for you? It makes it very easy to tell Session Graphics (Redlines) from the rest of the data, and it makes the results of your queries (especially Thematic and Feature Counting) very easy to see amidst all of the other data. In fact, the Thematic Query dialog box allows you to automatically activate the Emphasize mode.

Here is an example of a Thematic Query with and with the Emphasize Session Graphics mode:

Here is the same query is Emphasize Session Graphics turned on:

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