Friday, March 11, 2005

GTViewer Competitive Upgrade Offer

Press release from GITA:

Competitive Upgrade for Viewers

MADISON, Ala.— March 7, 2004— Graphic Technologies, Inc. (GTI), today announced competitive upgrades for several widely adopted viewing software products. “Upgrade your current viewer to GTViewer for one year of maintenance at $75 per copy,” said Mike Stokes, president of GTI. “After doubling our software revenue for each of the last two years, we have gained confidence from our customers to offer this competitive upgrade.”

GTViewer offers several advantages:

  • Platform flexibility. Companies using multiple geospatial vendors can standardize on GTViewer for office and mobile needs. A single user interface and a standard set of applications can be used across the enterprise.
  • Vendor flexibility. Looking to change your current GIS platform? GTViewer can be a point of stability during the migration of geospatial engines.
  • Easy to learn. Typical end user training time is 15 minutes for basic operation.
  • Easy to use. Simple and intuitive interface is adored by GTViewer users and envied by those using products clogged with desktop baggage.
  • Speed. GTViewer consistently provides fast response, especially on large data sets.
  • Enterprise friendly. Unite disparate data and systems into a shared standard.
  • Cost. GTViewer annual maintenance for the upgrade is $75 per copy.
  • Customizable. Build powerful applications using VB, VC++, or .NET. Over 150 methods are exposed by GTViewer to simplify development.
  • Power to spare. GTViewer’s robust data model allows sophisticated applications to integrate with the back office geospatial system. Work sketch and costing, inspections, traces, and analysis applications generate impressive return on investment.

    Contact GTI for more details:
    Call Charlie Marlin at (256) 774-5247 or email

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