Thursday, July 07, 2005

The Star Buttons in Pocket GTViewer

There are two buttons on the Pocket GTViewer toolbar that can be customized to do various tasks. These buttons are grayed out if they have not been associated with anything and you may have not given them much though. Generally, these buttons are used to launch external applications, but there are other uses for them as well even if you are not using external applications with Pocket GTViewer.

The Yellow and Blue Star Buttons are on the right side of the toolbar:

The GTVConfig.doc describes in detail how to configure these button. However, it may not be readily apparent even to those who use the Star buttons that they can be assigned to other things besides External Apps.

The DefaultApp1 and DefaultApp2 entries in the [Additional Properties] section of the .GTM file associate the Star Buttons. DefaultApp1 one goes with the Yellow Star and DefaultApp2 goes with the Blue Star. They are usually set to the name of the external app you wish to run; however they can also be set to:


When set to <apps>, the GTV/Applications dialog is activated when the button is pressed. This association is sometimes very useful if you have many external applications (more than two) and it will save you from navigating through the menu to get to the Applications dialog.

When set to <queries>, the GTV/Queries dialog is activated when the button is pressed. If you frequently use queries to navigate the data, this association can be useful.

The <gps> setting will activate the GPS Tracking dialog when its button is pressed. This dialog is normally displayed when you select GTV/Options/GPS Tracking, so it can save several steps if you use a GPS on a regular basis.

Don’t have gray Star buttons any more. Use them to your advantage.

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