Monday, September 26, 2005

GTData is Available

Version 5.0 of GTData has been released. This version contains updates of the utilities to support the new functionality found in GTViewer 5.0 as well as some new features and fixes.

----------- - 09/26/05

- NEW - GTShapeConv - A RangeFile entry has been added to produce a valid range file usable in a .GTM file to define the data range. The RangeFile entry, is defined in a Category section of the parameterfile and defines a path to the file to create.

- NEW - GTShapeConv, GTIntersect, GTShapeDbfConv - Now supports environment variables as tokens.

- NEW - GTFormatInfo - No includes a filterId entry in the parameter file to restrict processing to a specified set of filter ids. Entry can be a single values or a comma delimited list with ranges.

- NEW - GTExtract - Supports the ExtractAllDetailRanges flag in the .GTM file.

- NEW - GTExtract, GTQuery, GTPack - Support for Type 40 Address Queries.

- NEW - GTGetRecords - The -oh flag was added to omit the header line in the output file.

- NEW - GTConv - Tiling feature for files that all overlap.

- FIX - GTConv - Cell with all internal elements filtered out with the level filter would generate an index record even though there was no element.

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