Thursday, September 01, 2005

GTViewer 5.0 to be released in September

GTViewer 5.0 will be released later this month. Beta versions are available today.

GTViewer 5.0 is the 6th major version of GTViewer since its creation in 2000. If you are wondering how there are 6 versions when the version is only 5.0, there was a Version 1.1.

New versions of GTVx and Pocket GTViewer will follow.

A short list of the new functionality found in GTViewer 5.0 is listed below:

Usability Enhancements
  • Attribute Info Dialog: Resizable and Preview Tab for Linked Raster Files
  • Auto-Scroll while Measuring
  • Stop View Refresh with Right-Mouse click
  • Right-Mouse Menu: Integrates feature selection for Attribute Info and speeds display of associated files, like details, internal worlds, and scanned images
  • Fit command adds Fit Highlighted Elements and Fit Selected Elements
    Accelerator keys provide an alternative way to perform common tasks (especially useful for laptop)
  • One-Click retrieval of Linked files in Attribute Info mode
    Query enhancements: Number of allowed queries increased from 50 to 100 per dataset and Query Menu Grouping simplifies query access
  • Two new coordinate readout modes for display location in latitude and longitude

Security Enhancements

  • Optional Disclaimer Dialog requires the user to accept the disclaimer before opening data
  • Optional Auto-Timeout automatically ends application after a specified amount of time

Printing Enhancements

  • Print dialog has interactive support for border information
    Border field tokens for date, time, x, y, user, and data set description
  • Customizable Overview window allowing user-specified size, shape, and content.

New User Settings

  • Maximize Initial View
  • Open Last File
  • Hide Locate XY query
  • Reverse Mouse Wheel Zoom direction

Style Manager

  • Interactive tool for changing the way GTViewer displays elements; define, Edit, or delete Style Rules and Mapping
  • Change up to 28 symbology parameters including color, weight, line style, symbol, font, fill, scale, priority, etc.
  • Navigate existing mappings easily with cross-reference info.
  • Import and Export Style information.
  • Facilitates the Symbology definition for data converted with FME.

Redline Enhancements

  • Interactively place hyperlinks as redlines
  • Hyperlink can jump to an area in the data, external files, and now URLs
  • Four new Dimension Element styles


  • Find a specific address from street segments with address range information
  • Address location is interpolated from available information

Display Enhancements

  • Layered Symbol Support
  • Priority Display support for Highlighted Elements
  • Default Symbology can now be default for data with no defined symbology

Customizability Enhancements

  • 60+ new methods
  • Data Monitor support (similar to that found in GTVx)
  • Support for Launching and running GTViewer from stand-alone apps (opposed to running as external apps inside GTViewer)


  • GPS Interface enhancements
  • Feature Counting enhancements

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