Sunday, April 02, 2006

GTViewer 5.0.x.15 is Available

Version 5.0.x.15 of GTViewer is available.

----------------------- - 03/29/06

- FIX - When showing more than one Preview image in the Attribute Info Dialog, tabbing between the preview images did not update the image unless you tabbed to a different type of tab.

- CHG - If a group element has an invalid complex flag, it will now draw as a regular group.

- NEW - Feature Counting now supports Shape with Holes elements, closed linestrings, and groups with connected sub-elements as the selected polygon.

----------------------- - 03/20/06

- FIX - Minor fix to Attribute Info on very large .gtx files. It would sometimes say that the index file could not be opened (with the .gtx file as the index file).

- FIX - Hyperlink items would sometimes not be correctly identified if the filename had numbers in it.

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