Wednesday, April 05, 2006

GTVx 5.0.x.6 is Available

Version 5.0.x.6 of GTVx is available.

----------------------- - 04/05/06

- FIX - When showing more than one Preview image in the Attribute Info Dialog, tabbing between the preview images did not update the image unless you tabbed to a different type of tab.

- CHG - If a group element has an invalid complex flag, it will now draw as a regular group.

- NEW - CountFeatureSummary and CountFeatureDetails now support Shape with Holes Element as the the selected polygon.

- CHG - Selected element used with CountFeatureSummary and CountFeatureDetails is not reset after the methods are run.

- NEW - Feature Counting now supports Shape with Holes elements, closed linestrings, and groups with connected sub-elements as the selected polygon.

- FIX - CountFeatureSummary sometimes returned a bogus length for point features when the length should always be 0.

- FIX - Locate Address now behaves the same as it does in GTViewer. If a fit of the feature is less than the query's zoom level, it will use the query zoom level.

- NEW - ExternalSessionsOnly entry in the Additional Properties section can now be set to 2 which creates a default session when opening a .gtx or .gtm file to be a file of the same name (only with a .GTS extension). If this mode is used in a .gtx or .gtm, opening the .gtx or .gtm will first check for the existence of the .gts of the same name and open it first.

----------------------- - 03/15/06

- FIX - The RasterFileList file was not trimming the filenames in the list and would not correctly identify the raster type if the filename had spaces at the end.

- NEW - ExternalSessionsOnly flag can be set in the Additional Properties section of a .GTM file to allow GTViewer and GTVx to only use .GTS session files with .GTX files and not use the internal session in the .GTX file.

- FIX - Right Mouse Feature selection (for Attribute Info) was not filtering out features whose category was turned off by thresholds.

- FIX - Saving Character to .GTS session files with with ASCII values greater than 127 would get their character value inverted.

- FIX - The Print to Scale dialog was not showing the units on the Scale Selection.

- FIX - ElementGetPointList was not returning values for Type 114 Shape With Holes elements.

- NEW - New Methods:

long ElementGetPartCount(long id);

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