Thursday, October 25, 2007

GTData Version is Available

Version of GTData is available.

----------- - 10/25/07

- NEW - GTExtract, GTPack - The -ccen, -acen, and -z flags have been added to allow a default zoom level and/or center view location to be specified.

- NEW - GTQuery now supports the "GIS:" description tag in .flt file so that a feature can be specified by a feature:component number pair (as defined in the GIS: string).

- FIX - GTInterGtg - If an invalid mode was defined, the application would run, but no intersections would be found. Now if an invalid mode is given, it will report the error and stop.

- NEW - GTStyleMgr - The -update mode has been added to allow Style Definition files to be integrated into an existing style .def file. The properties defined in the update file will be added to the existing file (instead of replacing the modified style with the new style as the -import mode does).

- FIX - GTConv - Problem with certain arcs and ellipses with negative rotations.

- NEW - GTShapeConv - Multipoint type are now treated as a single point feature instead of an unsupported type.

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