Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Pocket GTViewer version 7.0.x.6 is Available

Pocket GTViewer version 7.0.x.6 is now available.

----------- - 10/02/07

- NEW - OriginOffsetX and OriginOffsetY have been implemented for TrueType Text Element symbols.

- NEW - Upgraded to PFTools 2.1. Requires upgraded PFTools installed on device when using GPS.

- NEW - Trimble Battery Event implemented. Will display message if battery is Low, Critical, or Dead. Tracking will be automatically stopped if battery is Critical or Dead.

- CHG - Maximum number of UDLS definitions has been increased from 75 to 250.

- CHG - Maximum number of Filter Id per category has been increased from 500 to 2000.

- FIX - Linked File was not adding a "\" character after a base path if one was not already present. So a base path of \jpg and a file of test.jpg would be \jpgtest.jpg instead of \jpg\test.jpg.

- NEW - token now supported in Link path definitions.

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