Monday, April 21, 2008

GTV Control version is Available

Version 7.0.x.46 of the GTViewer .NET Control is available.

Several versions rolled into one blog posting. Major additons to the .NET control are support for the .GTM and .GTS files in the Pro version as well as an enhanced version of the Data Monitor (called DM2) and Log File support.

------------ - 04/21/08

- FIX - #218 - Complex Shapes (Type 3, Extended Style 2) with a style rule containing only a Color and no border color would draw the complex shape's border with the element's shape border color.
This has been changed to use the color in the style rule if
the style rules defines only a color and no border color.

- NEW - #219 - DM2_EventMode property has been added.

- FIX - #220 - DM2_DeleteItem did not work correctly.

- NEW - #221 - DM2_DeleteItemsByGroupId was added.

- FIX - #222 - DM2_UpdateItem was not passing double values correctly to the dll and thus not working correctly.

- NEW - #223 - Constants provided for Views: View_0, View_1, ... View_9 and View_All. These values can be used with the Data Monitor View Filter value.

------------ - 04/14/08

- NEW - #214 - Emphasize Color support added. EmphasizeSessionGraphicsColor property added to GetDataProperty and SetDataProperty.

- NEW - #215 - SetViewLike method added: bool SetViewLike(GTVControl ctrl)

- FIX - #216 - Graphic engine objects were not getting released when a file closed.

- FIX - #217 - CreateSession methods were private instead of public.

------------ - 04/13/08
- NEW - #207 - Style Def and Map File support added.

- NEW - #208 - UDLS Def File support added.

- NEW - #209 - Filter File support added.

- NEW - #210 - .GTM File support added.

New Properties:
String SessionFile

New Methods:
bool CreateSession(String sessionFile, String gtviewerFile, String password)

- NEW - #211 - Log File support added.

New Properties:
int LoggingLevel

New Methods:

String GetLogfileName()
bool LogMessage( int level, String msg )

- NEW - #212 - DM2 methods added:

public bool DM2_AddStyleItem( int styleId, DM2_Style style)
bool DM2_GetStyleItemCount(int styleId, out int count )
public DM2_Style DM2_GetStyleItem(int styleId, int pos)
public bool DM2_AddItem(DM2_Item item)
public DM2_Item DM2_GetItem( String itemId )
public bool DM2_ClearAllItems()
public bool DM2_ClearAllStyleItems()
public bool DM2_ClearStyleItems(int styleId)
public bool DM2_DeleteItem( String itemId )
public bool DM2_UpdateItem(String itemId, double x, double y, double rotation)
public bool DM2_UpdateItemStyleId(String itemId, int styleId)
public bool DM2_UpdateItemViewFilter(String itemId, int viewFilter)
public int DM2_UpdateItemStyleIdByGroupId(int groupId, int styleId)
public int DM2_UpdateItemViewFilterByGroupId(int groupId, int viewFilter)
public int DM2_GetItemCount()
public bool DM2_GetItemsAtPoint(double x, double y, out ArrayList itemList)

- FIX - #213 - Magnify view was not scaled correctly when coordinate factor 2 was not 1000.

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