Thursday, April 08, 2010

GTViewer version 9.0.x.9 is Available

GTViewer version 9.0.x.9 is available.

----------------------- - 04/08/10

- NEW - #6265 - Filter Id is now supported by the Symbol entry definitions in the .GTM file.

- NEW - #6268 - XmlExportMode has been added to the Additional Properties section. Can be set to GTField to produce a GTField specfic XML export format.

- NEW - #6270 - Support for the "SW:" tag in the filter files.

- FIX - #6284 - With 2 or more Post Actions, if the first one failed, it would say no data to post even though it could post data on the next action.

- FIX - #6285 - Post Actions would say No data to post for each action when it should only give the message once.

- NEW - #6286 - Feature Tooltips will now support the GIS() notation for specifying filter ids.

- FIX - #6288 - Sorting a Custom Attribute table would cause problems. Sorting should not be allowed on custom attribute tabs.

- NEW - #6296 - Coordinate Indicator on the element tab will now support the Center and Origin coordinates as well as the Point coordinates.

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