Thursday, April 08, 2010

GTVx version 9.0.x.1 is Available

Version 9.0.x.1 of GTVx is available.

----------------------- - 04/08/10

- NEW - #6266 - Filter Id is now supported by the Symbol entry definitions in the .GTM file.

- NEW - #6271 - Support for the "SW:" tag in the filter files.

- NEW - #6287 - Feature Tooltips will now support the GIS() notation for specifying filter ids.

- NEW - #6289 - Custom Attribute Info tabs are now supported.

- NEW - #6290 - Attribute Info dialog box now supports sorting rows when column is clicked.

- NEW - #6291 - The Attribute Info dialog now supports a Print button to print the current tab.

- NEW - #6292 - ConvertToSessionGraphicsMode data property has been added. When set to 0 (default), it will function as it always has. When set to a number greater than 0, it will use that value as the zoom level for scale dependent graphics. When set to -1, scale dependent graphics are omitted.

- NEW - #6293 - GIS Feature and GIS Component information are now read from the Filter Description field. This information is shown on the element tab of the
Attribute Info dialog.

- NEW - #6294 - Filter Info section added to Element tab.

- NEW - #6295 - Selecting a coordinate row on the element tab will now draw a highlight circle at the selected coordinate.

- NEW - #6297 - Copy Highlighted to Session Graphics functionality updated to
support conversion of symbols to text element to preserve symbol character in session category.

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