Friday, March 18, 2011

10th Anniversary for GTViewer and Pocket GTViewer

In honor of GTViewer and Pocket GTViewer’s 10th Anniversary, here are 10 things you probably don’t know about them:
  1. GTViewer and Pocket GTViewer were announced at GITA in San Diego, March 4-7, 2001.

  2. Pocket GTViewer was developed on a Hewlett Packard Jornada 430, running Windows CE 2.11, 16M of memory, and a 133MHz processor. Sorry, they are no longer available.

  3. GTViewer’s original purpose was to create Extract files (.GTX) for Pocket GTViewer. We have since found other uses for GTViewer.

  4. The original codename for GTViewer was “Dog”, and Pocket GTViewer was “DogCE”. Some evidence of these names still exist today. The GTViewer Font file format is .DFN (Dog FoNt). Extract files were .DCE (Dog for CE) before .GTX.

  5. Version 1.0 of GTViewer had separate Zoom In and Zoom Out modes which were replaced by the single Zoom mode using gesturing that we have today. Today we would call that Refactoring the GUI.

  6. While there are 10 major versions of GTViewer, there is no version 6.0. There was, however, a version 1.1 to make major 10 versions. The version number roughly corresponds to the year, or at least the year it was released in.

  7. There are no versions with “13” in them. Not superstitious, but not taking any changes either.

  8. There are currently 353 exposed methods in the GTViewer API. So start writing code!

  9. There have been 274 minor versions of GTViewer from to There are probably another 50 minor versions, but the records for version 1.0 are not as detailed as the rest.

  10. GTViewer alone has around 600 pages of documentation not including the numerous blog posting. And people still say there is not enough!


Larry Cosgrove said...

Happy Anniversary, GTViewer, Pocket GTViewer and to all the Graphic Technologies, Inc. employees!

Here's looking forward to the next ten years!

Larry Cosgrove

Steve Shannon said...

Yes, indeed. Happy anniversary to GTViewer. I think we were one of the very first customers of GTViewer. I still think it's a great product.