Monday, January 30, 2012

GTWeb Updates

GTWeb Client for iOS (iPhone/iPad) - Version 1.0.25

- NEW - Single Tap Feature reviews now supported (long tap is still supported).

- NEW - Queries and Favorites can now be performed on the map page with the iPad (without leaving the map page).

- NEW - Query Results reformatted to more easily differentiate between different records.

GTWeb Client for Android - Version 1.0.51

- FIX - No longer assumes the Android Device has a GPS (like the Kindle Fire).

- NEW - GPS out of range errors are now sent to the Server's Log.

- NEW - Single Tap Feature reviews is reported (long tap is still supported).

GTWeb Server - Version 

- FIX - #6931 - The standard linestyles (1 to 7) were using the old style of creating dashes.  Updated to match current verisons of GTViewer.

- FIX - #6932 - All .aspx pages modified to explicitly turn caching off.

- NEW - # 6933 - ResetServer.aspx, UserTracking.aspx,  and GetServerVersion.aspx were modified to show the time when the call was made.

 - FIX - #6935 - Hatch Fills on Shapes will no longer obscure raster underneath.

- FIX - #6939 - Invalid Preset Id would cause GetElementsAtPoint to fail.

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