Thursday, October 24, 2013

GTViewer is Available

GTViewer version is available. 

This update contains a couple of significant updates.  The Where Am I? functionality has been added to GTViewer as well as a Get Current Coordinate command (on the right mouse menu).  The API has been enhance to expose GTViewer's expression evaluation engine which can help you build even more powerful applications.   These feature are still pretty new, so please test with them before deploying.

----------------------- - 10/24/13

- FIX - #7267 - The token was not working for Link basepaths that did not use .

- FIX - #7269 - Settings dialog showed the wrote title for Startup Mode.

- FIX - #7272 - Dynamic Graphics was not working correctly with encrypted data.

- FIX - #7278 - Composite Linestring and shapes(Group Type 1 and Type 2) were not respecting the DisplayWeightThreshold or DisplayStyleThresholds.

- FIX - #7285 - Right Mouse menu pops up if the right mouse menu was up when a shape or line was canceled with right mouse button.

- FIX - #7287 - The Dynamic Graphics Highlight Fill option did not work on elements who style defined the fill status.

- NEW - #7290 - Expression methods added:  ExpStateReset, ExpStateAddValue, ExpStateGetValue, ExpStateLoadFeature, ExpStateGetValueType, ExpValidate, ExpEvaluate.

- NEW - #7292 - Queries will now support HighlightMode 2 which will not highlight.

- NEW - #7294 - Where Am I added to Right Mouse Menu.

- CHG - #7295 - The QueryResults dialog's default startup position has been moveddown and to the right so that it doesn't overlap the toolbar.

- NEW - #7296 - Get Current Coordinate command added to Right Mouse Menu.

- FIX - #7297 - Dynamic Graphics has been modified to support Linear Labels for Groups of one sub-element if the sub-element is a valid linear element.

- CHG - #7298 - The dg.ini file is not longer put in the AddOns directory when installing the Dynamic Graphics interface.

----------------------- - 9/3/13

- NEW - #7259 - IgnoreDataIdForLinks was added to Additional Properties section and to the Get and SetDataProperty methods.

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