Tuesday, October 22, 2013

GTWeb Server version is Available

GTWeb Server version is available.

This update is minor compared to the update, but it does include a new feature called "Where Am I?" that will allow you to configure a set of features to search when the Attribute Info is used on the map.  If one of the specified features is a closed polygon and it contains the point, the any of the polygon's attribute information can be added to the Attribute Info.   This information could be Circuit Boundary, Tax District, City, County, Basins, etc.   The point's X/Y and Latitude/Longitude coordinates are also added to the Attribute Info and will always give the user a response for Attribute Info even if a feature was not selected.

 ----------- - 10/22/13

- NEW - #7289 - Where Am I functionality added.

- FIX - #7291 - Fixes to the browser client when recognizing an error for login.

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