Wednesday, August 12, 2015

GTData is Available

GTData version is available.   Normally, a GTData update does not come out so soon (last one was on June 13th).   However, GTSumGtg was corrupt in the last setup and since GTData may change only once or twice a year, it could be a while before another regular update.  There were a couple of new features added as well as a lot of updates to GTVData.doc.

----------- - 8/12/15

- FIX - #7575 - GTSumGtg - The delivered version of GTSumGtg was broken in previous GTData.

- NEW - #7581 - GTQuery - The "FME:" tag is now supported in the Feature entry.

- NEW - #7596 - GTFilterMod - The -d option added to search Filter Entry description field.

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