Wednesday, August 12, 2015

GTViewer is Available

GTViewer version is available.   Most of the updates here are with the Style Manager.

----------------------- - 8/12/15

- FIX - #7569 - The Name token in Feature Strings was not working correctly.

- FIX - #7589 - Default values for Shape Border Color Id and Value for Style Definitions was not correct

- FIX - #7590 - Switching between Color Value and Color Id properties would not always remember the last color from the color table to put in the color value.

- FIX - #7591 - StyleManager did not always sense a change in ShapeBorderColorId, ShapeBorderColorValue, TextExtendedStyleColorValue, TextExtendedStyleColorId, would not save those modifications.

- NEW - #7592 - Copy Button added so Style Manager's Definition Edit dialog.  It will copy the current style definition to the clipboard in the format used by the Style Definition file.

- FIX - #7603 - The AddLocationHistory method was not setting the modified session 
flag, so it was possible to not save the location history when exiting a session.

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