Wednesday, August 12, 2015

GTech Loader version is Available

GTech Loader version  (for G/Tech 10)

----------- - 08/12/15

- FIX - #7585 - If a default style rules is not provided in the metadata, there could be a problem generating a style definition name.

- FIX - #7586 - If a feature has no Style Rules defined in the metadata, it will now create a default style for it.

- FIX - #7587 - A tolerance has been added for determining if an Arc is made of colinear points.   It did have to be exact.     Arcs within this tolerance are converted as lines.

- FIX - #7588 - Some of the Arc to Line conversions were not creating the first point correctly in the linear element.

- FIX - #7595 - The Length function in the Expression evaluator conflicted with Gtech style rules that used Length as an attribute.

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