Tuesday, September 28, 2021

GTStyleDiff Utility added to GTData

A new utility called GTStyleDiff has been added to GTData.  

This new tool allows you to take a Style Definition File (style.def), compare it to another Style Definition File, and then produce a list of styles added and any property changes made to existing styles.  This list of changes is usually saved in a file called style_update.def and is used with the GTStyleMgr tool to integrate any custom changes into a style.def.

Why is something like this needed?  The GTech Loader produces a fresh set of styles from the database for each export. If you kept track of all custom changes to the Style.def and maintained your own style_update.def file, then GTStyleDiff may not be of use to you.  If you use the Style Manager in GTViewer to interactively set the styles like you want and then export a new style.def, then it becomes tricky knowing what changed.  That is there the GTStyleDiff tool comes in handy.   It can create the style_update.def file for you and can be automatically applied to the style.def created by the GTech Loader exporter each time.

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