Thursday, September 30, 2021

GTViewer for iOS/Android Update


GTViewer for iOS (version 5.47.6) and GTViewer for Android (version 5.32) have several new features:

  • The Data Collection functionality now supports customizable symbology for its markers.    Previously, the only markers were an Arrowhead, Circle, or Square.  You can now specify a Symbol of your choosing as well as its size, color, and justification using the Data Collection State Definitions.   
  • The Data Collection State Definitions have been expanded to allow a different set of definitions per Data Collection form.  You can still use a default set of state definitions for all forms that do not have a specific set defined.
  • The ability to associate Data Collection information with Session Graphics (redlines) is now available.  The original Data Collection functionality uses its own point (selected by the user or derived from a selected Feature) to position a dynamic marker on the map.  The new Session Graphics Data Collection uses a redline as the marker and provides two new workflow options for capturing data:
    1. Attach a Data Collection record to an existing redline (using the same style of forms used with the original Data Collection to enter the information).

    2. Start from a feature in the map and fill in the data collection form. A new redline copy of the selected feature is generated with the captured data attached.  The redline can be moved and edited just like any other redline.

Session Graphics Data Collection Example:

- Draw any Redline (freehand circle below):

- Select the Redline:

- Press the Data Collection button to activate the Data Collection form.  Forms can be associated with one or more redlines types (line, shape, circle, text, dimension, leader line, symbol, or a specific symbol). You can also have more than one form to choose from.

- Once the collected data is saved, the Data Collection State rules apply to the redline for Color and style.  It can be synced with the GTViewer Data Server, and reviewed like any other feature:

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