Wednesday, September 29, 2021

GTWeb for iOS is 10 Years Old!


GTWeb for iOS was released in September 2011, a few months after GTWeb for Android.  So GTI's first products on iOS and Android are both 10 years.

GTWeb has changed more than any other GTI product over its lifetime. The rapidly evolving nature of the internet (since the early 2000s) has driven GTWeb to reinvent itself several times.  Starting with an ActiveX client (closely related to GTVx), the GTWeb Server cut out elements for the user's view and let the client do all the rendering. When ActiveX controls were no longer allowed in browsers, the Server rendered raster tiles for the client to display in an HTML wrapper.  Then the rise of Apple and Android made Apps the way to provide the best client experience on phones and tablets. Ten years later, this is still true.   

In memoriam, GTWeb for BlackBerry and GTWeb for Windows Phone were discontinued when their platforms ceased to exist.

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