Friday, April 15, 2005

GTViewer 4.0.x.15 is Available

GTViewer version 4.0.x.15 is now available. This version contain several changes to the Style Manager to make it easier to use. Printing has also been enhance to allow a user defined note in the border as well as a user defined view for the overview pane. A variety of other additions and fixes are listed below:

----------------------- - 04/15/05

- FIX - Composite Lines and Composite Shapes did not let you select areas where
gaps between component elements were. When composite elements are drawn, the
gaps are filled in.

- FIX - Magnify did not show raster for non-category raster.

- FIX - Deleted Elements in Category Data were being displayed.

- NEW - Print Overview can be defined as a view.

- NEW - Print Overview can be set to Small, Medium, or Large.

- NEW - Border Note Field added to Print Dialog.

- NEW - Style Manager will not allow edits on multiple style definitions at
the same time (same edit will be applied to all common properties).

- FIX - Style Manager will now keep the style definition selected and in the
same spot in the list after an edit to a style definition.

- NEW - A horizontal scroll bar has been added to the Style Definition list box.

- FIX - Style Manager Delete Style Definition did not work correctly.

- NEW - Style Manager Delete can now delete all selected Style Definitions.

- NEW - Style Manager now has Import Map and Import Def commands.

- NEW - Style Manager supports a category filter on the style definition display.

- CHG - Query Processing and Attribute Info lookup have been changed to support
very large files.

- CHG - NMEA Receiver Setup will now go up to COM16 (instead of COM8).

- NEW - Links can now use URL addresses.

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