Friday, April 15, 2005

GTVx 4.0.x.5 is Available

GTVx version 4.0.x.5 is now available. An excerpt of the readme.txt is shown below. This version has only minor changes. The most significant item is the addition of the the Double Click event in the Data Monitor.

----------------------- - 04/15/05

- FIX - Deleted Elements in Category Data were being displayed.

- NEW - DMSetProperty and DMGetProperty now support the DoubleClickEvent property
for enabling or disabling the double click event for data monitor items.

- CHG - Query Processing and Attribute Info lookup have been changed to support
very large files.

- NEW - Links can now use URL addresses.

- NEW - New Events:

void DataMonitorItemDoubleClick(long clickType,

double x, double y, long itemId)

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