Friday, April 01, 2005

GTVx 4.0.x.4 is Available

GTVx version 4.0.x.4 is now available. An excerpt from the readme.txt file is shown below:

----------------------- - 04/01/05

- FIX - Links on features with repeating components would double the entries on the Link Tab.

- FIX - Elements that use a style rule to control the weight were not highlighted correctly. The element weight was used instead.

- NEW - Four new style added for dimension elements. Start Arrow Outside, Start Arrow Inside, End Arrow Outside, End Arrow Inside.

- FIX - Dimension Dialog did not use a Droplist for style.

- NEW - Default Symbol can now be specified.

- FIX - The InterpolatePointOnElement did not work when the reverse flag was used.

- FIX - The Tab Order on Query Dialog boxes with more than 3 prompts was not correct.

- FIX - InterpolatePointOnElement returned -1 instead of FALSE for invalid Category.

- FIX - Measure values were not computed correctly using coordinate factors.

- FIX - Custom background colors were reset after a print or print preview.

- FIX - Problem with using the control to select or unselect session graphic elements.

- NEW - Dimension and Leader Line modes are now supported.

- FIX - Magnify did not show raster for non-category raster.

- NEW - New Methods:

boolean ActivateDrawDimensionMode();
boolean ActivateDrawLeaderLine(long mode);

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