Tuesday, October 04, 2005

GTViewer as an Application Development Platform

I have been saying for some time now that GTViewer is more than just the viewer it started out as; it is now a platform for developing GIS applications. It may be unclear exactly what I mean when I say this, so the next few Blog postings are going to be examples of applications built on top of GTViewer to make the most of your GIS data. GTViewer is still a powerful viewer and redlining tool, but viewing can be the basis of many different applications that extend far beyond this standard functionality. Traditionally, a GIS viewer has been used for the specific task of replacing map books in the field and making GIS data accessible to a much larger number of users in the office. Now, however, the idea of viewing data has almost become assumed, and what users want now is to not only view their data, but to use their data in some way that leverages the GIS information they have available to them. GTViewer is a platform to develop other applications. By leveraging its viewing capability, redlining, view and data management and adding in an extensive set of development tools specifically geared to the development of GIS applications, GTViewer provides a solid platform for application development, and is a shortcut to getting the most use out of the data you already have.

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