Friday, October 28, 2005

GTViewer Customer Takes Speaker Award at EGUG

Greg Broussard received one of three Speaker Awards at ESRI’s 2005 Electric & Gas User Group Meeting. He described how Jackson Electric Membership Cooperative (JEMC) extends the value of their ESRI ArcGIS core through integration with applications on GTViewer.

Located in Georgia, northeast of Atlanta in a high growth corridor, JEMC is the largest electric cooperative in the United States in energy sales and the second largest in customers with over 190,000.

Mr. Broussard, Director of Engineering Services, spoke about how 233 employees of JEMC used GTViewer in combination with ArcGIS to improve mowing and trimming, transformer load calculations, and other operations.

EGUG Speaker Awards are given to speakers who are rated most highly by the people attending their presentations.

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