Friday, February 01, 2008

GTVx version 7.0.x.15 is Available

Version 7.0.x.15 of GTVx is available.

----------------------- - 02/01/08

- FIX - The FilterTooltip_Pre entry has been added to allow FilterTooltip entries greater than 255 characters.

- FIX - Certain Additional Properties section attribute were not carried from a .gtx file created from a .gtx file.

- FIX - GTVX #1002 - Feature Tooltip was not being cancelled after a session graphics element has been started.

- FIX - GTVX #1001 - The ReQuery button in the Query Results would only repopulate the first 3 prompts for regular queries (Thematics Queries were not being supported). Now, Thematic Queries and any number of prompts are supported.

- NEW - GTVX #1003 - Feature Tooltip now allows an =, :, or - to be placed after the attribute label. If no separator is provided, the default = will be used.

- FIX - GTVX #1005 - Fillable elements were not inverting the element color when drawn on a background of the same color if the border color style were used.

- NEW - GTV #1008 - FeatureToolTipMaximum Threshold added to Additional Properties and to Get and Set DataProperties

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