Thursday, May 05, 2005

GTData is Availabe

GTData version is Available.

------------------------- - 05/04/05
  • NEW - GTConv - ReduceArcFlag option can now be set to 0 to prevent arcs from being reduced to smaller elements when possible. The default is 1.
  • FIX - GTShapeConv - the maximum number of parts per shape was increased from 500 to 1500.
  • FIX - GTShapeConv - will now Trim Spaces off the left of attribute values so that filter values will more easily match.
  • FIX - GTAsciiIndex - would stop converting if it unexpectedly found a blank line. Will now continue but will report as an error.
  • NEW - GTQuery - Support for filter id ranges in filter id entry, for example: 1,3,5-10,20-45.
  • FIX - GTExtract - Extraction of Thematic Queries containing more than one prompt would not always produce a complete unique list for the accompanying prompt query.
  • NEW - GTInterGtg, GTLabelGtg, GTSortIdx - new utilities added to GTData.
  • FIX - GTExtract, GTPack - support added for very large files.
  • FIX - GTExtract, GTIndex, GTPack - Ability to handle equal signs in Style Names.


umyisnow said...

is there evaluation copy available ?????

GTViewer - Joey Rogers said...

Yes, contact