Friday, May 20, 2005

GTViewer 4.0.x.17 is Available

GTViewer version 4.0.x.17 is currently available. This version has major enhancements to the Attribute Info dialog box. It now is resizable and can preview common raster file formats when they are linked to a feature.

------------------------- - 05/20/05
- FIX - The Style Manager did not reset the extended linestyle flag if a dash pattern were specified and then removed.

- FIX - The Default Symbol setting were not being preserved in extract files.

- NEW - The Attribute Info Dialog box is now resizable.

- NEW - The Attribute Info Dialog will now preview standard raster files without having to launch an external viewing app. This includes formats such as .bmp, .jpg, .gif, etc.

- FIX - The Print dialog would not appear when trying to perform a standard print.

- NEW - New Session dialog will take the contents of the prompt and set the current directory to this path (if valid) when the Browse button is pressed.

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