Thursday, May 26, 2005

New Features for the Attribute Info Dialog

The Attribute Info Dialog had a makeover in GTViewer version 4.0.x.17. There are two new features that many can take advantage of immediately.

1) Resizable. The Attribute Info Dialog is now resizable just like the Query Result Dialog. The Attribute Info dialog will also remember the last size so if you adjust the size once, it will always be this size until it is changed again.

2) Detail Preview. The Attribute Info Dialog has supported Detail files as links for some time now. See previous posting on Details. The Link tabs would list all associated files, and when activated, an appropriate application was launched through the operating system shell to view the file. Now, if the detail file is a common raster file (such as a .bmp, .jpg, .gif, etc), a new tab is added to the Attribute Info Dialog containing a preview of the raster file. You can still use the Link tab to launch the detail file in an external viewer, but the quick preview can save you a few steps. The Detail Preview is automatic; if there is a link file of a supported type, it will show up as a preview tab.


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