Thursday, May 05, 2005

GTViewer Version 4.0.x.16 is Available

GTViewer version 4.0.x.16 is now available.

------------------------- - 05/04/05
  • NEW - Extract Dialog now includes an Open File button to immediately open an extract file that was created.
  • NEW - Session Links have been added to quickly and easily place symbols linked to external files or web pages.
  • NEW - Measure Command will automatically pan when close to the edge of the view.
  • FIX - Problem with graphic offset and connectivity queries as a result of the large file processing introduced in the previous version.
  • FIX - The Force Black and White print option did not affect colored fonts.
  • CHG - DashPattern segment maximum size changed from 100 to 1000.
  • NEW - Style Manager Import Definition now allows you to ignore imported items if they do not already exist.
  • FIX - Extraction of Thematic Queries containing more than one prompt would not always produce a complete unique list for the accompanying prompt query.
  • FIX - Style Map file can now contain equal signs "=" in the style names.
  • FIX - Style Manager would not recognize different colors with a collective edit and would overwrite them to a single color value.
  • FIX - Style Manager Definition deletes or replacements during import would leave the mapping items with undefined style definitions. This caused problems when the view updated using a bogus definition.

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