Sunday, November 09, 2008

GTViewer Version 8.0 is Released

GTI announces the release of GTViewer Version 8.0. Other products in the GTViewer suite including GT/Field, GTData, GTVx, and the GTViewer .NET Controls have also been updated to Version 8.0.

GTViewer 8.0 includes a variety of productivity enhancing features and refinements including Feature Tooltips, a GPS Reference Point feature, and advanced Redline edit capabilities. GTVx, the ActiveX Control version of GTViewer, has also been updated to Version 8.0 and keeps pars with GTViewer's new features.

GT/Field 8.0 is a dramatic upgrade from previous versions. It now provides a GUI-based, forms-driven Administrative tool for creating and maintaining Data Collection applications. GT/Field is no longer an add-on to GTViewer or Pocket GTViewer, but is instead a stand-alone application designed specifically for the best data collecting experience. Along with the new Administrator, GT/Field provides two versions of the client: GT/Field Pro for Windows laptops and tablets, and GT/Field for Windows Mobile for devices.

GT/Data 8.0 provides several new tools as well as many new features for its existing toolset. New tools include GTSumGtg and GTDataSum which provide statistical information about GTViewer data. The GT2CSV tool has also been provided to generate .csv files from GTViewer data on the command-line (as it can be done within GTViewer). A new set of tools has also been provided for more sophisticated Incremental Data Update support and to determine the data differential between two GTViewer datasets.

The GTViewer .NET controls have matured in Version 8.0 to become very capable and very powerful development tools; in fact, both GT/Field 8.0 clients were built using the the new GTViewer .NET controls. The .NET Controls can be used with VB.NET or C# (Visual Studio 2005 or 2008) to add GTViewer’s functionality to any .NET application. While similar in concept to the GTViewer ActiveX Control (GTVx), the .NET controls were designed specifically for .NET development and take advantage of many features this development platform offers. The .NET Controls can be used to build custom applications specific to your workflows, or they can be used to integrate GIS capabilities into your existing mobile or desktop applications.

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